Wolf hunting lieutenant accused of luring an illegal wolf to kill it

The Animal Cross Society released a video in which a wolf lieutenant, commissioned by the Sheriff to regulate the wolves, tried to lure predators illegally by abandoning a herd of goats. The province denied “any irregularities” and ensured that the regulations were respected.

In Haute-Savoie, the theme of the wolf is further divided. Following the shocking action of ranchers on July 7, who deposited the carcass of a heifer devoured by wolves before the County, it was the animal welfare associations’ turn to counterattack.

On July 11, the Animal Cross organization released a video in which a coyote lieutenant would be captured.”in action“non-compliance with defensive shooting regulations. This specialist, commissioned by the Province to regulate the wolf population in very specific situations, allegedly used a herd of goats”unprotectedin an attempt to prey on predators.

video length: 59 seconds

Animal Cross Association Video

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The setting takes place on June 30 in the Novel, in Haute-Savoie. In the video above, we see a jungle lieutenant, armed with a backpack and a rifle, following a herd of goats on a mountain road. As the video continues, darker lighting suggests that filming continued well into the late afternoon. The cubs were wearing camouflage robes and carrying weapons in their hands.

According to Animal Cross, these images demonstrate that the wolf lieutenant has repeatedly violated regulations regarding reinforced defensive shots. Stormy weather favorable for attacks. Men were thus left near Col de Neuvaz, completely isolated, unprotected. No night siege has been set up. This is clearly a violation of provincial decree, because any behavior including attracting wolves near the shooter(s) is strictly prohibited.” states the association in a press release, co-signed with French Natural Environment and the Federation for the Protection of Birds

So, Animal Cross refers to the provincial decree issued on June 24, 2022, allowing the Novelist’s breeder to call on a lieutenant to serve wolves to protect his flock. In the document that we have, it is clearly stated that it is forbidden to use the means “intended to lure wolves closer to the shooter or force them closer to the shooter. Likewise, it is forbiddeninduces a reaction in wolves that is likely to facilitate their detection by shooters.

As a result, the images available to us reveal the rumors that have long suggested that the desire to exterminate as many wolves as possible has taken precedence over strict compliance with regulations, some The wolf hunter is acting illegally.

Animal Cross

Contacted, the province of Haute-Savoie assures that the wolf-keeper has respect the conditions of performing defensive fire. “He was not driving a herd of goats, but among them, on a road as this is often the case in the summer in the mountain pastures. In the end, we see that he is neither tracked nor posted, and that he is not in a firing position, his rifle is not loaded. In addition, the goat herd does not appear in any way bound on the video and should not be used as bait to attract wolves.” she defended herself in a press release.

So what was the lieutenant doing in the mountains that day? Is he walking around alone with his rifle? mocked a representative of the animal welfare association, who preferred to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal.

In addition to the wolf trap issue, Animal Cross criticized the Province for licensing defensive shooting without ensuring all criteria were met.

Under current regulations, a farmer must meet two conditions to claim shooting measures on his farm:

  • His flock suffered at least 3 consecutive attacks in the previous 12 months (According to our information, the herd of cows in question has been attacked 4 times so far this year, the most recent from June 26.).
  • He must apply protective measures against predators (fences, guard dogs, shepherds, etc.).

And it was this last point that made the defenders of the Wolves wince.

For its part, the Province ensured that two protective measures were taken in the mountain pastures: “a park that gathers electrification at night and a shepherd’s guard during the daye”.

Therefore, the State service agencies deny any abnormality in this intervention and reaffirm that they strictly adhere to the regulatory framework for carrying out attacks and interfering with wolf populations.

Haute-Savoie District

Outside the association make sure that these members are not found” no protection during the visit the previous day of the day“.”At night, there is only electricity to protect the herd, during the day there must be a shepherd, but he is not always present. And no guard dogsorry for the spokesperson of Animal Cross.

That day, the wolf lieutenant didn’t fire any shots and there were no wolves either.”destroyon this grassland, the province concluded in a press release.

Unconvinced by these arguments, the associations Animal Cross, the French Natural Environment and the Federation for the Protection of Birds are considering filing an appeal. Their goal: denouncea great feeling of punishment“who”reign among the wolf’s opponents“.

Based on DREAL Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes3 093 farm animals were killed by ticks in 2020 in three regions of the Alps.

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