Wolves | In the Pyrenees, E. Macron promised to change the status of wolves

On the sidelines of the Tour de France in the Pyrenees, Emmanuel Macron will pledge on Thursday, July 21 with breeders in “To develop the status of wolves at the European level”, said a press release from FNSEA. “The wolf has been revered since the Bern Convention, despite population growth and attacks”Claude Font, wolf manager at the FNO (sheep farmers, FNSEA) confirmed, related to Agra Presse, while 921 wolves are present in France according to the French Office of Biodiversity (OFB). “Breeders can shoot 174 wolves this year, I don’t see them expecting more”, denounced for his part Bertrand Sicard, president of Ferus, a national association that protects and protects large predators, still according to Agra Presse. He believes that the position of President of the Republic, if confirmed, will Scandal “.

What state will the wolf have?

Modifications to the bylaws may include remove the wolf from addendum 2, dedicated to “strictly protected animals”to add it in Appendix 3, on “protected animals”. Species, for which States are committed to maintaining populations, are not prohibited from destroying. In 2015, Ségolène Royal, then Minister of Ecology, took steps with the Commission to amend the status of the wolf, before returning.

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Forming a wolf intervention brigade

In the Hautes-Pyrénées, Emmanuel Macron also announced forming a second wolf intervention brigade. Currently, the brigade has 16 agents stationed at the Gap in Hautes-Alpes. They are responsible for strengthening defensive shooting, sampling shooting and training wolf scouts in the 50 divisions that benefit from the protective measures. According to our colleagues from Le Parisien, Emmanuel Macron has also promised breeders a accompanied by measures to protect the herd with nets, the presence of shepherds and guard dogs at night. The state will also provide thermal binoculars for wolf hunting lieutenant.

920 wolves recorded, which is an increase of more than 18% in a year

According to data from the French Office of Biodiversity (OFB), the wolf population in France by the end of winter 2021-2022 will reach 921 individualssaid the province of the Auvergne-Rhône Alpes region during the meeting of the national wolf group on June 27. By taking into account “the results of genetic analyses”, the figure for the period 2020-2021 has also been established. adjusted up from 624 to 783 wolves. In more than a year, the total population will increase by 18%. “There is a tendency towards dispersion, with areas of frequent presence (ZPP) expanding. But we also observe the density of the packetss”, commented Loïc Obled, Deputy General Manager of Operations at OFB. But if species evolve geographically, he explains, No reproduction has ever been attested outside of the Alpine arc. The workforce modification “will increase the maximum number of wolves that can be obtained from 118 to 174”, specifying the county, whileShooting limit has been raised to 19%. Since 1uh However, January had 29 wolves counted. In an earlier follow-up note for 2021, OFB indicated that the confidence interval for numbers was “relatively large”, with an estimated population between 414 and 834 wolves. In a press release, FNSEA / JA / FNO / FNB / FNC / Chambres d’ag Agriculturalure France, requested that 300 wolves by 2022 “especially since 2021 the wolf harvest ceiling has not been reached due to the government’s refusal, during the campaign, to issue defensive shots to protect predator colonies and ‘prevent wolf cubs’ intervention. to assist herders in hunting areas.

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